Have you ever tried to pick up a new habit but after some initial success find yourself settled back to your old ways?

Maybe you're frustrated at your lack of process and ready to turn over a new leaf?

This masterclass is for you!

In this workshop-style class, you'll be walked step by step through my process of creating a plan for successful, and effective habits.

We'll cover:

  • How to properly define a habit
  • What your tendency says about you
  • Strategies for long-term habit success
  • Creating a habit game-plan to get started immediately

You'll receive:

  • Masterclass video recording
  • Masterclass audio-only recording
  • Healthy Habits workbook

Along with a video and audio recording of the workshop, you'll also receive a printable workbook to fill in during the class. This workbook will ensure you've properly mapped out your habit strategy and will make introducing your new habits into your life so much easier!

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