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Bye Bye Bloating?

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    "I'm pretty much constantly bloated, often resembling 6 months pregnant..."

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    Who I AM?

    Hey there! I'm Heather, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner helping you ditch the stress and anxiety that IBS uncertainty causes.

    I was diagnosed myself back in 2012 and it was a long road trying to figure it all out - so I want to make sure you don't need to take the difficult route that I did!

    WHy I Wrote This Guide

    After surveying more than a hundred people in my Facebook community, IBSuccess, I found that bloating was by far the biggest complaint and struggle for you.

    Not knowing when it might happen, feeling uncomfortable in your body, and just wanting to live your life without holding yourself back anymore.

    While there's plenty you can do to reduce the frequency of bloating, I created this guide to be your handbook for when the unavoidable happens and you find yourself looking 6 months pregnant.

    Try out any or all of these 12 tips to see what works best for you and your IBS, because every body is different.